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Criminal Defense

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney 

Facing criminal charges? You need an attorney with a proven track record, a reputation for winning cases, and a dedication to protecting your rights. You need someone who takes the time to understand your case and build a solid defense strategy tailored to your circumstances.


At TE Law Offices, P.C., we know that no two cases are exactly alike, and we work hard to ensure that each client gets the attention and personal service they deserve. We will help you understand your rights, prepare for your court date, and fight for the best possible outcome in court—whatever that may be.


Massachusetts is a state with a lot of history and a lot of pride. It is also a state that takes its criminal justice system seriously, which means that if you are facing charges in Massachusetts, you need to be prepared with the right legal team behind you.


Having an experienced and understanding attorney by your side during this time can make all the difference in the world. We have been fighting cases for years, and we know how to win them. We are dedicated to getting our clients the best results possible under the circumstances—and we will do everything in our power to achieve that goal.


Whether you are facing charges related to assault or domestic abuse, burglary or drug possession, theft or murder—or any other charge—we will take on your case and get you the best possible outcome. 


We offer our clients:


  • A dedicated team of attorneys who listen carefully and take time to learn about your life so we can build the strongest possible defense strategy

  • A focus on getting results: we have an impressive win rate in both criminal appeals and trials

  • An approachable and friendly demeanor that helps ease clients' concerns about their case

  • Affordable cost: our service fees are competitive with other top Boston firms, without sacrificing quality

Contact us now for a free consultation

We offer free consultations and do everything we can to accommodate your schedule to meet when it is convenient for you. Call us at (508) 222-8822 or use the free consultation form on this contact page to get in touch with us now.

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